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True Blood season 7 episode 0

Episode 0: Sick of Goodbyes

Sookie is surprised when she finds the h-vamps in a group of humans and vampires....
True Blood season 7 episode 1

Episode 1: Jesus Gonna Be Here

Bill face Jesus who is the new vampire in town. Sookie get turn into fairy vampire and get a feel of her new powers....

Air Date: Jun 22, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 2

Episode 2: I Found You

Sookie hopes to discover what the future holds for the Bon Temps, as she takes on a mission in a nearby town. The hostages taken at the Bellefleur par...

Air Date: Jun 29, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 3

Episode 3: Fire in the Hole

Pam has to motivate Eric, whilst Sookie has a risky plan....

Air Date: Jul 06, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 4

Episode 4: Death is Not the End

Sam, Sookie and Jason become the bearers of bad news; Pam recalls the events that led her and Eric to Shreveport; Bill and Jessica get nourishment fro...

Air Date: Jul 13, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 5

Episode 5: Lost Cause

Eric and Pam attend a fundraising event in Dallas, whilst on the lookout for a enemy. Sookie reluctantly hosts a mainstreaming party. Andy has a impor...

Air Date: Jul 20, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 6

Episode 6: Karma

Eric and Pam make a new friend. A startling discovery is made by Sookie. ...

Air Date: Jul 27, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 7

Episode 7: May Be the Last Time

Sookie hopes that a miracle will resolve her current situation. Eric and Pam get closer to Sarah. Adilyn and Wade seek refuge with Violet....

Air Date: Aug 03, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 8

Episode 8: Almost Home

Eric considers his options as he attempts to eliminate Sarah Newlin. Sookie's life is on the line as she attempts to help Bill. Violet is out for reve...

Air Date: Aug 10, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 9

Episode 9: Love is to Die

EHoyt receives a reminder of the past. Bill attempts to push Sookie away. Eric has to deal with a dilemma. ...

Air Date: Aug 17, 2014
True Blood season 7 episode 10

Episode 10: Thank You

Sookie has to decide whether she wants a future with Bill. Eric and Pam have issues with their partnership with Mr. Gus. Andy receives a unexpected in...

Air Date: Aug 24, 2014